Full Access Curriculum Features

Comprehensive Web and Digital Accessibility Training
Covering Web, Documents, PDF, Mobile Apps, Customer Service, Program Management, and more

This is one of the most complete accessibility training and reference packages available anywhere. Courses are self-paced, and you can jump from one topic to another, treating the materials as a reference library, or "encyclopedia of accessibility."

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Content and Platform Features

  • Detailed explanations of each topic
  • Rules for each topic — designated as either requirements or best practices — based on WCAG success criteria
  • Good and bad (pass and fail) examples of the rules
  • Highly detailed WCAG testing methodology training/reference
  • Self-test quizzes
  • Official Deque certificates of completion for each course
  • Detailed web accessibility graded, timed exam, with official Deque certificate of completion
  • Admin dashboard (for team accounts)

Courses in the Curriculum (by Topic)

Graded Exams

  1. Any Role, Non-technical (exam for the fast track course)
  2. Designers (exam for the fast track course)
  3. Document creators (exam for the fast track course)
  4. Web developers (deep dive exam)
  5. Mobile app general principles
  6. iOS native mobile apps
  7. Android native mobile apps
  8. Web developers (exam for fast track course, coming soon)
  9. PDF creators (exam for fast track course, coming soon)

IAAP Certification Preparation

This curriculum includes the courses you would need to prepare to certify as a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) or a Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS), or a Document Accessibility Specialist (DAS). Refer to the International Association of Accessibility Professionals certification overview for details.

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