Designing an Accessible User Experience | Web Accessibility Training

Designing an Accessible User Experience

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Technical level: Easy

Duration: 135 minutes (estimate)

IAAP CAECs: 2.25 (This class counts toward renewal of IAAP certification)

Course Synopsis:

The purpose of this course is somewhat different from the other Deque University courses. Rather than present a list of accessibility rules, we push the boundaries a little and engage in a few thought experiments. The goal isn't just to comply with guidelines or laws, but to try to create a compelling, enjoyable, and useful experience for people with disabilities.

Course Topics: Designing an Accessible User Experience | Web Accessibility Training

  • Accessibility and Inclusive Design
    • Defining Accessibility as the Minimum Goal
    • 7 Principles of Universal Design
    • Quiz
  • Avoid Exclusive Design Patterns
    • Examine Assumptions
    • Designs that Cause Exclusion
    • Learning from Accessibility Design Failures
      • Failure to Design
      • Ineffective Designs
      • Incomplete Designs
      • Bad Retrofitting
      • Inconvenient or Stigmatizing Designs
      • "Accessibility Rot" Over Time
    • Quiz
  • Embrace Diversity
    • Examining the Edge Cases
    • User Research with People with Disabilities
    • Quiz
  • Create Inclusive Designs
    • The Ability Persona Spectrum
    • An "Accessibility First" Mindset
    • Collateral Benefits
    • One Interface Fits All?
    • Quiz
  • Rethinking "Affordances"
    • Defining Affordances
    • Blind: An Audio-Structural UX
      • Overall Page UX
      • Interaction UX
    • Deafblind: A Tactile-Structural Text-only UX
    • Deaf: A Silent Visual UX
    • The Challenge of Cognitive Disabilities
      • What it means to have a cognitive disability
      • Key Design Concepts
      • WCAG Guidelines Benefitting Cognitive Disabilities
    • Quiz
  • The Challenge of User-Generated Content
    • Leveraging the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines
    • Automated Solutions
    • Quiz
  • Web Design Considerations, By Disability Type
  • Basic Web Accessibility Checklist for Designers