Digital Accessibility Courses
& Accessibility Reference Library

Digital Accessibility Courses
& Accessibility Reference Library

Deque University offers training and on-demand reference materials for every level and every area of expertise in digital accessibility.

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Axe Assistant, Your AI Accessibility Ally, Now Available

Get quick answers to accessibility questions from an AI feature that has been expertly trained on Deque University content. It's more accurate and more reliable than general-purpose AI products, and laser-focused on accessibility.


Learn accessibility skills for web, documents, and mobile content at your own pace.

Deque University provides an extensive curriculum of self-guided online courses so you can focus on the skills you need with the flexibility your schedule requires. Whether you’re working on your own professional development or training a team, make Deque U your go-to resource for in-depth accessibility expertise.

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Accessibility Training with Expert Instructors

If you have a team in need of accessibility training, check out our Instructor-Led courses and workshops. One of our experts will provide live training in person or via teleconference, giving your team a chance to engage with their instructor, ask questions, and address accessibility challenges specific to your organization.

Deque University Scholarships for People with Disabilities

The world needs more accessibility experts, and people with disabilities are already experts in inaccessible experiences. With a little additional training, you can build the skills you need to become an accessibility specialist and help bring the world closer to digital equality.

If you have a disability, you qualify for a scholarship for free access to Deque University’s online, in-depth digital accessibility curriculum for one full year.

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IAAP Certification Prep

Interested in getting certified with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals? Deque is an Approved Certification Preparation Provider, and we offer Deque University online courses for CPACC and WAS exam preparation. Deque U courses also apply as continuing education courses towards your existing IAAP certification.