PDF Accessibility (Basic)

PDF Accessibility (Basic and Advanced)

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Technical level: Intermediate (HTML knowledge highly recommended)

Duration: 90 minutes (online self-paced class, estimate)

IAAP CAECs (This class counts toward renewal of IAAP certification):

  • Part 1, Basic PDF Accessibility: 0.75
  • Part 2, Advanced PDF Accessibility: 0.75

Course Synopsis:

  • Part 1: Basic PDF Accessibility: covers detailed steps in making accessible, tagged PDF files. Topics include:
    • The step-by-step workflow for creating accessible PDFs
    • Preparing an accessible starting file in the authoring program (such as Microsoft Word)
    • Converting to a tagged PDF automatically
    • Gaining familiarity with the Acrobat Pro interface
    • Creating and touching up tags manually (headings, paragraphs, links, images, decorative content, simple tables, and more)
    • Checking the reading and tab order
    • Tools to check PDF accessibility (automated, manual, and assistive technology)
  • Part 2, Advanced PDF Accessibility: focuses on creating accessible complex tables and forms in PDF format and includes downloadable practice files to follow along with the instructions and examples. Specific techniques include:
    • For complex tables:
      • Simplifying complex tables
      • Setting the scope and span in complex tables
      • Creating and associating header cell IDs with data cells
    • For forms:
      • Creating forms in Microsoft Word and exporting to PDF
      • Using the automatic Prepare Form tool in Acrobat
      • Creating and editing different types of form fields, including text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, drop down lists, buttons, and more.
      • Setting and verifying form field properties
      • Adding Tags