Web Accessibility Testing, Part 2: Basic Methods and Tools

Web Accessibility Testing: Basic Methods and Toolss

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Technical level: Intermediate (knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is helpful)

Duration: 2.0 hours (estimate)

IAAP CAECs: 2.00 (This class counts toward renewal of IAAP certification)

Course Synopsis:

An in-depth review and practice of testing websites and web-based applications for conformance to major accessibility standards including automatic, manual, and use case testing. This course is designed to cover the following basic topics:

  • Overview of testing techniques and methodologies
  • Assembling a best practices guide
  • Determining test sets, conformance criteria, and test approach
  • Automated testing approaches
  • Performing manual testing, including code review and assistive technology testing
  • Use case testing
  • Testing with screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver)
  • Reporting, remediation, and regression

Course Topics: Web Accessibility Testing, Part 2: Basic Methods and Tools

  • Accountability for Testing
  • Checklists and Design Requirements
    • Role-based Checklists
      • Checklist for Designers
      • Checklist for Developers
      • Checklist for Quality Assurance
    • Content-based Checklists
      • Semantic Structure and Navigation: Summary & Checklist
      • Images, Canvas, SVG, and Other Non-Text Content: Summary & Checklist
      • Visual Design and Colors: Summary & Checklist
      • Responsive Design and Zoom: Summary & Checklist
      • Multimedia, Animations, and Motion: Summary & Checklist
      • Device-Independent User Input Methods: Summary & Checklist
      • Form Labels, Instructions, and Validation: Summary & Checklist
      • Dynamic Updates, AJAX, and Single-page Applications: Summary & Checklist
    • Design Considerations
  • The Scope of the Test
    • Entire Pages and Templates (Designs)
    • Page Content and Widgets
  • A Basic Testing Routine
    • Run an Automated Check
    • Screen Reader Resources
    • Test for Keyboard Accessibility
      • Enabling Keyboard Access on a Mac
      • Tab Focusability and Tab Order
      • Keyboard Functionality
      • Keyboard Functionality with Screen Reader On
      • Visual Focus Indicator
      • Effective Focus Management (Form Validation, Dialogs, AJAX, Etc.)
      • Keyboard Traps
    • Test for Touch Device Accessibility
      • Touch Target Size
      • Touch Functionality
      • Touch Functionality with Screen Reader On
    • Test for Meaning Conveyed with Color
    • Test Alt Text Quality
    • Test Video/Audio Accessibility
    • Test for Landmarks
    • Test for Headings
    • Test Link Text Quality
    • Test Form Labels and Instructions
    • Test Form Validation
    • Testing Custom Widgets
  • Bug/Issue Management
    • Writing Effective Accessibility Bug Tickets
    • Prioritizing Accessibility Bugs
  • Automated Testing Tools
    • Automated Tools
    • axe DevTools
    • Types of Automated Testing