Android Accessibility Features

Android Accessibility Features

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Technical level: Beginner

Duration: 40 minutes (estimate)

IAAP CAECs: 0.75 (This class counts toward renewal of IAAP certification)

Course Synopsis:

This course explains the built-in accessibility features on Android devices. Understanding what features are available, and how to use them, is important for accessibility testing on the Android platform. This course is most useful within the full curriculum of Deque University courses, or as a companion course to Mobile App Accessibility Fundamentals.

Course Topics: Android Accessibility Features

  • Introduction
  • Vision
    • TalkBack
    • Braille Keyboard and Braille Display
    • Select to Speak
    • Text-to-Speech Output
    • Lookout
    • Magnification
    • Font Size and Display Size
    • Color Correction
    • High Contrast Text
    • Other Display Settings
    • Quiz
  • Physical and Motor
    • Switch Access
    • Voice Access
    • Accessibility Menu
    • Quiz
  • Hearing
    • Live Caption
    • Live Transcribe
    • Caption Preferences
    • Sound Amplifier
    • Sound Notifications
    • Other Audio Settings
    • Quiz
  • General
    • Accessibility Shortcut
    • Action Blocks
    • System Controls
    • Timing Controls
    • Sounds and Vibrations
    • Quiz
  • Android Quick Reference Guides
  • Summary