List of Axe PDF 2.0 rules

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  1. Alternate text must be present for hidden form fields
  2. Alternate text should be present for link annotations
  3. Annotations must have a Content key
  4. Artifact elements must not be present inside real content
  5. Bookmarks should be utilized in long documents
  6. content-artifact
  7. Display Doc Title Key
  8. Fonts used in the document must be embedded in the document
  9. Form fields in PDF documents must include their name, role, state, and value information
  10. Formulas must have appropriate alternate text
  11. Heading content must be tagged with a heading tag and level
  12. Heading Order must be appropriate
  13. Heading Order must start with H1
  14. Images and Figures in PDF documents must have alternate text
  15. Interactive form controls must have Labels/Tooltips associated
  16. Language of the document must be specified
  17. Links must be tagged with Link tags with appropriate text object association
  18. Links must have alternate replacement text
  19. Metadata Language (Additional help coming soon)
  20. Metadata stream (Additional help coming soon)
  21. PDF document must have a document title
  22. PDF-UA identifier
  23. Real content must not be present inside an Artifact element
  24. Relevant table elements and properties must be utilized for data tables
  25. Required fields must be identified both visually and programmatically
  26. Ruby structures must be tagged with the appropriate tags (Additional help coming soon)
  27. Suspect Key must not be set to true (Additional help coming soon)
  28. Table of Content must be tagged with the appropriate tags
  29. The human language for each passage or phrase in the content must be determinable
  30. The list content must be tagged with appropriate and relevant list elements
  31. unicode-mapping
  32. Untagged Element
  33. Warichu structures must be tagged with the appropriate tags (Additional help coming soon)

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