Web Accessibility, Part 1: Semantic Structure and Navigation

Technical level: Intermediate (knowledge of HTML required)

Duration: 105 minutes (estimate)

IAAP CAECs: 1.75 (This class counts toward renewal of IAAP certification)

Course Synopsis:

Understanding semantic markup to allow users with disabilities to read and navigate page title, landmarks, headings, navigation menus, links, tables, lists, iframes, and other elements.

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Each class is $45 for a full year of access, or lower for group enrollment, or when purchasing multi-course curriculum packages. See the the full set of curriculum options for details.

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Course Topics: Web Accessibility, Part 1: Semantic Structure and Navigation

  • Page Title
    • Title for Every Page
    • Meaningful Page Title
  • Language
    • Primary Language of Page
    • Language of Parts within the Page
    • Language Codes
  • Landmarks
    • Creating Landmarks (HTML5, ARIA)
    • Best Practices for Landmarks
    • Backward Compatibility
    • Navigating Landmarks with Screen Readers
  • Headings
    • Real Headings
    • Meaningful Text
    • Outline/Hierarchy of Content
    • Heading Level 1 Best Practices
    • Navigating Headings with Screen Readers
  • Links
    • Designate Links Correctly
    • Link Text
    • Links to External Sites, New Windows, Files
    • Visually Distinguishable from Text
    • Visual focus indicator
    • Navigating links with screen readers
  • Navigation Between Pages
    • Navigation Lists
    • Consistency
  • Navigation Within Pages
    • Skip Navigation Links
    • Table of Contents
    • Reading Order and Tab/Focus Order
    • Paginated Views
  • Tables
    • Semantic Markup for Tabular Data
    • Table caption/name
    • Table Headers
    • Simple Header Associations
    • Grouped Header Associations
    • Complex Header Associations
    • Nested or Split Tables
    • Table Summary
    • Layout Tables
    • Navigating tables with screen readers
  • Lists
    • Semantic Markup for Lists
    • Navigating lists with screen readers
  • Iframes
    • Frame titles
    • Page Title Within an Iframe
    • Semantic structure across iframes
    • Hiding iframes that don’t contain meaningful content
    • Navigating iframes with screen readers
  • Other Semantic Elements
    • strong and em
    • blockquote and q
    • code and pre
    • Strikethrough/Delete and Insert
    • Highlighting (mark)
  • Parsing and Validity
    • Conflicts and duplicates
    • Parent-child relationships
    • Deprecated Markup