Web Accessibility, Part 9: Custom JavaScript/ARIA Widgets

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Technical level: Advanced (knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required)

Duration: 3 hours (estimate)

IAAP CAECs: 3.00 (This class counts toward renewal of IAAP certification)

Course Synopsis:

Using ARIA and JavaScript effectively for custom widgets like dialogs, alerts, tooltips, date pickers, carousels, expand/collapse regions, aria-live regions, autocomplete, application menus, tab panels, tree views, etc.

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Course Topics: Web Accessibility, Part 9: Custom JavaScript/ARIA Widgets

  • ARIA Concepts
    • Overview
    • Name
    • Role
      • Landmark Roles
      • Widget Roles
      • Pseudo HTML Roles
      • The Document Role
      • The Application Role
      • The Presentation Role
      • The Math Role
      • The Definition Role
      • The Note Role
      • The Directory Role
      • Abstract Roles
    • Value
    • Description
    • Live Regions
    • Keyboard Accessibility
      • ARIA Keyboard Patterns
      • Operability
      • Visible Focus Indicator
      • Tab/Reading Order
      • No Keyboard Trap
      • Using tabindex Correctly
      • Focus Management
      • Keyboard Instructions
  • ARIA Widget Examples
    • Alert
    • Button
    • Button (Toggle)
    • Carousel (based on a tabpanel)
    • Checkbox
    • Checkbox (Tri-State)
    • Dialog (Simple Dialog)
    • Dialog (Simple Alert Dialog)
    • Dialog (Message Dialog)
    • Dialog (Message Alert Dialog)
    • Expand/Collapse
    • Expand/Collapse (based on Details/Summary)
    • Link
    • Navigation (Hierarchical) with Expand/Collapse
    • Predictive Text
    • Progress Bar (Bounded)
    • Progress Bar (Unbounded)
    • Radio and Radio Group
    • Slider
    • Slider (Multirange)
    • Tabpanel
    • Table (Responsive, Collapsible)
    • Table (Sortable)
    • Tooltip
    • Tooltip Dialog
    • Tree View