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IAAP Certification Quick Guide

WAS Certification Exam Guide

What Is WAS?

WAS logoWAS stands for Web Accessibility Specialist. This is a technical credential for people with detailed knowledge of web accessibility standards and guidelines. It is intended for accessibility professionals responsible for evaluating the accessibility of existing content or objects according to published technical standards and guidelines, and providing detailed remediation recommendations. Candidates should know and use relevant technologies.

Who Should Take It?

The WAS is the ideal credential for intermediate (3-5 years' experience) professionals who function in one of many team roles related to accessible web solutions. The WAS is ideal for people who design, develop, implement, evaluate, or manage accessible web-based content, projects, and services.

Just a few examples are: web developers, web designers, UX designers and testers, QA professionals, and web content managers or administrators, though there are many other relevant roles.

Note, it is not necessary to be a programmer to take this exam. However, you should have experience in/exposure to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

For more detailed information on whether this credential is right for you, visit the IAAP guide: Who Should Take the WAS Exam?

What Is the Exam Format?

The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions with 4 possible responses. Each question has one correct answer, one distractor that is almost correct, and two incorrect responses. Responses are selected by radio-button. The time limit is 2 hours, unless an accommodation for additional time is requested.

How Should I Study?

Multiple resources should be used to prepare, including:

  1. The WAS Exam Preparation Course Package
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  2. WAS Credential Content Outline
  3. WAS Body of Knowledge Document (BOK)
  4. The resource links included within the BOK Document

Use all of the resources listed to maximize your preparedness to pass the exam. Do not rely on a single resource as being an exhaustive and all-inclusive preparation material.

How Long Does It Take to Prepare?

The courses in the WAS Exam Preparation Package take approximately 15 to 30 hours to complete.

The IAAP recommends planning to spend between 30 and 80 hours total to prepare.

Is There a Practice Exam?

The IAAP has released a limited set of WAS Sample Questions.

Deque's courses include small quizzes to test your comprehension, but these are not practice exam questions and do not represent the format or difficulty level of the actual exam.

How Much Does It Cost?

Check out the cost section in the IAAP WAS FAQ page.

How Do I Register?

Visit the IAAP Exam Registration Applications and Dates page.

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