Use Real Text Rather than Text in Images

Paul Bohman
Director of Training
Twitter: @paulbohman

In terms of accessibility it's better to use real text, rather than text in images, for several reasons:

  • Real text is visually crisp and clear, even when enlarged or zoomed in to maximum size. When you zoom in on text inside images, it becomes blocky or blurry, which is bad for people with low vision.
  • Real text does not require alt text, which makes it natively accessible to screen readers
  • Users with low vision can customize the colors of the text and background according to their own preferences or needs to make the text easier to read. For example, they can reverse the colors or increase the contrast. Text inside images is can't be customized so easily.

Want to Learn More?

This tip was adapted from the Deque University class HTML and CSS Accessibility. See the full web accessibility curriculum for enrollment options.