Considerations for Low Vision Users

People who have low vision can see, but their vision may either be blurred or parts of their field of vision may be obstructed. Because of this, low vision users utilize assistive technology like screen magnification and may need to magnify their screens up to 200% or higher. Though screen magnification helps people with low vision overcome most challenges of using the web, there are still some things to consider for these users.

  • Avoid using very small text (font smaller than 12 point), buttons, graphics and links to decrease the need for enlargement.
  • Keep similar, or related, information close together to make it easier to locate.
  • Ensure webpages are readable when magnified at 200%. Using the plus key (+) with the Command Key (on Mac) or Control key (on Windows) will allow you to zoom on a page. Use Command/Control + 0 to return to 100%.