Provide Alternatives for Timed Web Content

WCAG 2.0 Success Criterion 2.2.1 states that for web content that has a time limit, an option should be provided for the user to change or disable the time limit. This is critical for assistive technology users and users who may need more time to process information and interact with web content. The only exceptions for this success criterion are if the time limit is required for a real-time event, if extending the time limit would invalidate the activity, or if the time limit is longer than 20 hours.

Time Limit Alternatives

According to Success Criterion 2.2.1, one of the following options should be available:
  1. Provide an option under user preferences to extend the time limit. A screen shot of a user preferences form with a dropdown menu that gives the user the ability to adjust the Session Timeout Limit.
  2. Allow the user to turn off the time limit. A checkbox labeled Turn off Time Limit.
  3. Warn the user that time is about to expire, then allow them to extend the time. A modal dialog with the warning: Your session is about to expire. If you'd like to continue your session, hit OK. The dialog provides two buttons: OK and Cancel.

Keep in mind that when it comes to adjusting or extending time limits, users should be able to adjust or extend the time limit at least ten times the length of the default setting.