Elements whose role is none or presentation must not conflict with other roles

Rule ID: presentation-role-conflict
Ruleset: axe-core 4.3
User Impact: Minor
Guidelines: Deque Best Practice

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Compliance Data & Impact

User Impact


Disabilities Affected

  • Blind
  • Low Vision
  • Mobility


  • Deque Best Practice

    How to Fix the Problem

    Correct markup solutions

    The presentation-role-conflict rule has two markup patterns that pass test criteria:

    <li role="none"></li>
    <li role="presentation"></li>
    1. Ensure that each element with role="none" or role="presentation" does not have one of the following characteristics:

    Incorrect markup solutions

    The presentation-role-conflict rule has three markup patterns that fail testing criteria:

    <li role="none" id="global-attr" aria-hidden="true"></li>
    <button id="natively-focusable" role="none"></button>
    <li role="presentation" id="tabindex" tabindex="0"></li>

    Why it Matters

    There are certain cases where the semantic role of an element with role="none" or role="presentation" does not resolve to none or presentation (respectively). When this happens, the element is not removed from the accessibility tree (as expected) and screen readers are able to interact with it.

    To ensure the element remains removed from the accessibility tree, you should not add any global ARIA attributes to the element or make if focusable.

    Rule Description

    Ensures elements which are marked to be removed from the accessibility tree are in fact removed.

    The Algorithm (in simple terms)

    Checks all elements with role=“none” or role=“presentation” to ensure they do not have a global ARIA attribute and are not focusable.


    Refer to the complete list of axe 4.3 rules.

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