2.5.6 Concurrent Input Mechanisms (AAA)

A tablet with both an on-screen keyboard and a bluetooth keyboard.

Success Criterion 2.5.6 Concurrent Input Mechanisms (Level AAA):

Web content does not restrict use of input modalities available on a platform except where the restriction is essential, required to ensure the security of the content, or required to respect user settings.


This success criterion is intended to ensure that users will not be required to interact with their device in a certain way, and will be allowed to use their preferred input method. Users may change between mobile and bluetooth keyboards, or between assistive technologies, depending on their changing context.


For the purposes of this success criterion, limitations to input method may be essential if required for security purposes, or if it would affect the functionality of the page, such as a web page that teaches people to type not recognizing speech inputs.

Who it helps:

  • Users who use a bluetooth keyboard to interact with a mobile touchscreen device.
  • Users who use multiple input methods: A user may switch between speech input when they are working alone and keyboard input when they are talking with a coworker.

“I need to use my external keyboard to navigate this website, but it will only recognize taps on my tablet!”
- A blind user who carries a keyboard to use with her tablet rather than using the touchscreen screen reader.