Native Mobile Accessibility - 0.5 Day to 2 Full Days

Native Mobile Accessibility

Length: 16 hours
Type: Role Based

Description: Ensure that your mobile applications are accessible to all users. Our two-day Native Mobile Accessibility course is tailored for native mobile developers, QA professionals, and designers seeking to champion accessibility in app development. Join us as we delve deep into core accessibility principles and best practices, empowering you to create inclusive and user-friendly native iOS and Android applications.

Participants Will:
  • Gain insights into creating accessible native iOS and Android apps.
  • Understand platform-specific accessibility features and utilize accessibility APIs effectively.
  • Learn about UI components such as images, navigation, and text content to enhance accessibility.
  • Learn about color contrast ratios, form control interactions, and testing methodologies for both Android and iOS platforms.
Course Content:
One day of training related to the content below for each, iOS and Android:
  • Grow and scope of applications
  • Application Programming Interfaces
  • User Interface controls and components: images, navigation, semantic structure and meaning and text content
  • Color and sensory characteristics
  • Color contrast ratios
  • Form control interactions: labels, instructions, group labels, validation errors, alerts, touch target, device orientation
  • Automated testing methodology
  • Manual testing methodology
  • Google accessibility scanner

Native Mobile Accessibility can be purchased as a one-day course, either iOS or Android specific content. The course content above is covered completely for one platform over an eight-hour training.

Join us to lead the way in creating accessible native mobile apps that prioritize inclusivity and user satisfaction!

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