Accessibility for Customer Service Representatives

Accessibility for Customer Service Representatives

Length: 2 hours
Type: Role Based

Description: Enhance your customer service skills to better support individuals with disabilities. Join our two-hour virtual training designed specifically for customer service representatives. In this course, we provide invaluable insights and practical strategies to ensure that every customer interaction is inclusive, respectful, and effective.

Participants Will:
  • Understanding how individuals with disabilities may navigate the web and use alternative communication methods.
  • Learn best practices for respectful communication and interactions with people with disabilities, both in-person and virtually.
  • Explore types of materials and services, including assistive technology, commonly used by individuals with disabilities.
  • Understand the importance of person-first language and learn appropriate terminology when referring to disabilities.
Course Content:
  • Communication best practices
  • Types of assistive technology
  • Types of disabilities
  • Person first language

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