Accessibility for Content Creators

Accessibility for Content Creators

Length: 4 hours
Type: Role Based

Description: Create champions of accessibility through content creation. Our four-hour training is designed specifically for content creators, strategists, copywriters, and UX writers. In this course, we delve deep into the principles and practices of accessible content, empowering you to reach and engage with diverse audiences.

Participants Will:
  • Acquire practical skills in creating accessible content.
  • Understand best practices related to accessibility and their impact on those that navigate the digital space.
  • Understand the pivotal role content creators play throughout the accessibility lifecycle.
Course Content:
  • Alternative text
  • Structuring content:
    • Pre-recorded content
    • Hyperlinks
    • Page titles
    • Headings
    • Simple and complex tables
    • Lists
  • Color contrast
  • Plain language
  • Inclusive content strategies

Optional Module:
An additional module focused on multimedia can be added to the standard “Accessibility for Content Creators” training.

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