Accessibility Bootcamp

Accessibility Bootcamp

Length: 16 hours
Type: Foundational (for Technical Roles)

Description: Embark on a transformative journey towards digital accessibility. Our two-day Accessibility Bootcamp is crafted to equip individuals across various technical roles with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to champion accessibility in their respective domains. Whether you're a front-end developer, QA professional, UX/UI designer, content creator, copywriter, UX writer, content strategist, project manager, or product owner, this immersive training experience will start the journey in creating inclusive digital experiences.

Participants Will:
  • Gain insights into the principles and practices of digital accessibility, tailored to individuals with disabilities.
  • Understand the significance of accessibility best practices in shaping user experiences and navigating the digital landscape.
  • Understand the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines role in accessibility and gain practical knowledge for application of the criteria.
  • Acquire a common understanding of disabilities, digital accessibility barriers, tools, practices, and supports building a common language around accessibility.
Course Content:
  • Types of disabilities
  • Accessibility barriers and user experience
  • Shifting left
  • Automated tools
  • Color contrast guidelines
  • Keyboard testing strategies
  • Types of images
  • Alternative text
  • Screen readers
  • Semantic structure and HTML elements
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)
  • Form Interactions

Though not required, Accessibility Bootcamp is a foundational course to all technical role-based courses and will set up participants for a successful transition into role-based Deque training. It is recommended as a precursor for those taking the following courses: Web Accessibility for Front-End Developers, Accessibility for UX and UI Designers, Accessibility for Content Creators, Accessibility for QA Professionals, Document Accessibility, and Native Mobile Accessibility.

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