Page Title

Accessibility Techniques for Page Title
Topic Technique WCAG AA Requirement
Markup Correct markup: The page <title> MUST be present and MUST contain text. Required
WCAG 2.4.2
Meaningful Text Accurate and informative: The page <title> MUST be accurate and informative. Required
WCAG 2.4.2
Dynamic pages: The page <title> of dynamic pages (e.g. in single page apps) MUST be updated when the purpose of the page changes. Required
WCAG 2.4.2
User Actions: If a page is the result of a user action or scripted change of context, the text of the <title> SHOULD describe the result or change of context to the user. best practice
Concise: The <title> SHOULD be concise. best practice
Unique: The page <title> SHOULD be unique, if possible. best practice
Unique info first: Unique information SHOULD come first in the <title>. best practice
Match heading: The page <title> SHOULD match (or be very similar to) the top heading (ideally marked as <h1>) in the main content. best practice