Deque Product User Guides

WorldSpace Attest logo

WorldSpace Attest is an automated accessibility testing solution for Component Developers, Front-End Developers, Native Mobile App Developers and Test Engineers that allows you to easily find and fix 50% of accessibility errors before your applications get out of development. Solutions for Unit Testing, Test Automation, and integration with popular testing frameworks such as Selenium and QUnit, combined with in-browser testing using Deque's FireEyes II and Attest for Chrome extensions, allow you incorporate accessibility testing into your existing local development and testing environment.


WorldSpace Assure logo

WorldSpace Assure is a manual accessibility testing solution for Accessibility Testing Specialists that allows you to optimize your accessibility testing, tracking, and reporting with step-by-step guidance and report building. Based on The Deque Way of accessibility testing, your QA team can run both manual and automated tests in the same interface, and without needing to be accessibility experts themselves, they can create precise, consistent accessibility issue reports for developers to resolve, then rerun tests on new builds and across multiple browsers to verify requirements have been met.


WorldSpace Comply

WorldSpace Comply is an enterprise-level scanning and reporting tool that can evaluate the web accessibility of entire web sites, including password-protected areas. WorldSpace Comply can implement use case scripts, allow custom reporting options based on WCAG or Section 508 guidelines, and allow scheduled monitoring of accessibility on projects of any scale or complexity.


Amaze is a groundbreaking JavaScript overlay technology that allows for fast deployment of accessibility solutions on a web site, with little or no IT involvement and without changing the original source code. Amaze technology is particularly well-suited to development environments in which there are many component parts and contributors to the final product, including third-party content and widgets.


FireEyes II

FireEyes II is an add-on extension for the Firefox browser that offers a powerful, DOM-based automated tool for developers and quality assurance testers to evaluate the accessibility of web content on a page-by-page basis. It is a companion tool to both the WorldSpace Attest and WorldSpace Comply products that includes the ability to evaluate dynamically, to simulate screen reader functionality, record scripts, and apply scope definitions.


Accessibility Reports

Deque Accessibility Reports are macro-enabled Excel workbooks prepared by our expert accessibility subject-matter experts that help put you on track to fix any accessibility shortcomings on your web site. The WorldSpace Assure user guide explains how to generate, use and interpret the reports using the Executive Report template with issue data exported from WorldSpace Assure.


aXe The Accessibility Engine logo

aXe, the Accessibility Engine, is Deque's free, open-source JavaScript accessibility rules library and browser extension. It was developed to be fast and to return zero false errors or duplicate results, and it is available as a GitHub repository, browser plugin, or framework integration.


aXe Coconut logo

aXe Coconut is a free, experimental accessibility testing browser extension for Chrome DevTools that makes it easy for everyone to test the leading edge of axe-core, which includes our latest code changes for Shadow DOM, with experimental rules enabled. Created in the same vein as a Chrome Canary or Firefox Nightly, aXe Coconut will allow you to try out our latest APIs and rules before they are released to more stable channels.