FireEyes is a free tool for web evaluating accessibility in the DOM

Paul Bohman
Director of Training
Twitter: @paulbohman

FireEyes logoThe free browser-based tool FireEyes, by Deque, allows you to analyze the accessibility of your web content in the DOM, after the browser has interpreted the code, and after JavaScript has been applied to the page. A few of the highlights of the tool:

  • Dynamic analysis of JavaScript events
  • Scripting to record and analyze the accessibility of dynamic actions and events
  • The ability to set "scope definitions" which filter results and allow you to focus in on sections of a page
  • Screen reader simulation for quick analysis
  • Integration with Firebug, for sophisticated code inspection
  • Integration with WorldSpace,an enterprise scanning and reporting tool

screenshot of FireEyes at the bottom of the Firefox browser, ready to analyze a page

Installation Instructions

To install FireEyes, do the following:

  • First install Firebug in the Firefox browser
  • Create an account at and set up a Project (designate a web site to analyze)
  • Download FireEyes from within WorldSpace (using Firefox)
  • Log in to FireEyes
  • Run your first scan using the "Now" button under the FireEyes > Current Document tab

Online User Guide

For detailed information, refer to the FireEyes User Guide.