Analyzing a Page for Screen Reader Compatibility

Using SimulAT on a web page displays an approximate text transcript of what a screen reader would read that includes the structure and content options you specify. Results appear as tagged element buttons you can click on to select, then either highlight on the page under test, or inspect their source code by clicking the respective link for each.

Target Refinement: You cannot refine the content and structure options to be targeted prior to the first running of SimulAT, but after the initial default results display all Structure and Content options for the Entire document, you can then select different options and run it again. For more detailed information about each topic, refer to the SimulAT overview.

To "SimulAT" a web page:

  1. With the desired web page displayed in the browser and the Attest extension displaying the SimulAT panel, click the RUN SIMULAT button.
  2. Clicking the RUN SIMULAT button on the SimulAT panel in Attest extension

    The results are displayed in the right content pane according to the default setting (Entire document), which is automatically selected in the left sidebar pane menu. For more detailed information about each content and structure topic option, refer to the SimulAT overview.

    Optionally selecting a topic and running again: After the initial simulation completes, you can opt to refine what is targeted by making a content or structure selection (for example, Headings) in the left menu, then clicking the Run again link.

    Selecting a specific content or structure option in the left menu, then clicking the Run again link
  3. Review the results displayed in the right content pane, selecting elements and clicking the Inspect and/or Highlight links as desired for more information.
  4. The SimulAT panel with the right pane highlighted to call attention to an example of displayed simulation result content

    Depending on the amount of simulated content, you may need to use the vertical scroll tools at right to view all of the content. From the results, you are now able to click on elements to highlight them in the page, or select elements and then click the Inspect button to view their source code. Refer to the related subtopics below for more information about each.

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