Selecting a Project

In order to enable the ability to upload/download issues and scripts to/from the Attest extension, follow this procedure to select from a list of your favorite projects you are a member of. After you've successfully signed in to WorldSpace Comply, the Settings panel will prompt you to select a project via a new section of tools in the right pane.

To select a project:

  1. Click the down arrow button to the right of the Select a project field.
  2. The menu drops down to reveal a list of project items from which to select.

  3. Click on a project name in the list to highlight and select it.
  4. The drop-down menu closes and your selection is displayed within the field display box.

  5. Click the SELECT PROJECT button.
  6. clicking the down arrow, the desired project from the list, then the select button

    You may briefly notice a spinning progress indicator as the requested action command completes.

    a loading, please wait message with spinning wheel icon

    The project you selected is displayed as the Current Project, and the Download Issues and Scope sections appear on the Settings panel.

    the Current Project field populated with your selection and the Issue Download and Scope sections appearing on the Settings panel in new panes to the right and below

From the Rules Panel:

For your convenience, you can also select, change and/or reload a project from the top, right of the Rules Panel after signing in:
the select project link at top, right of Rules panel after signing in to Comply
For more information, see Rules.

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