Settings Panel

The Settings panel initially displays a sign-in form for establishing a connection with your WorldSpace Comply server, which then enables additional functionality within the Attest extension.

For WorldSpace Comply clients, you can use the Settings panel to connect to your WorldSpace Comply server so that you can:

  • Load a list of your projects
  • Download issues from a project
  • Upload labeled analysis results issues to a project
  • Download a script from a project
  • Upload a script to a project
  • Choose whether to save the script you upload as a new script or replace an existing script


The Settings panel with each of its four main components numbered

After signing in to Comply, the Settings panel is comprised of the following four main components:

  1. Sign In section: For complete details, see Signing In to WorldSpace Comply.
  2. Project Selection section: For complete details, see Selecting a WorldSpace Comply Project.
  3. Issue Download section: For complete details, see Downloading Page Issues from WorldSpace Comply.
  4. Scope section: For detailed information, see Scope Definitions.