Selecting a WorldSpace Comply Project

The project selection "section" of the Settings panel allows you to view the Current Project, make a selection from the Select a project menu list, and click a SELECT PROJECT button to activate the selection. This set of controls allows you to change the currently-selected project (when one has previously been selected), or select a project when there is no Current Project, but you want to make an item selection in the Select a project drop-down menu list and command the extension to switch to it.

Before you begin, in order to select a project, you must first be connected to your WorldSpace Comply server, which is done on the Settings tab. For more information, see Signing In to WorldSpace Comply. Note: You cannot upload to or download from WorldSpace Comply without being a member of a project (this applies to issues, scripts, scope definitions, and custom rules). When creating an organization project in WorldSpace Comply, be sure to leave the Favorite and Accessibility checkboxes checked so that the projects will appear in the list of available projects from which to select in the Attest extension. For more information, see the Creating an Organization Project and The Concept of "Favorite" Projects topics in the WorldSpace Comply 6.0 User Guide.

To select a WorldSpace Comply project:

  1. On the Settings panel, in the Select a project field, click the down arrow to display the list of available projects.
  2. Note: The expanded drop-down menu list is populated based on those you have designated as 'Favorite' in WorldSpace Comply. For more information, see The Concept of "Favorite" Projects.

  3. Click on the desired project name from the list to highlight and select it.
  4. The drop-down menu list closes and your selection is displayed within the Select a project field.

    Clicking the down arrow of the Select a project dropdown menu to select from the list
  5. Under the Select a project dropdown menu, click the SELECT PROJECT button.
  6. Clicking the SELECT PROJECT button

    The name of the project you selected is now displayed in the Current Project: field above the Select a project menu. Additionally, two new "sub-pane" sections of information and controls appear on the Settings panel: Download Issues and Scope. The selected project will now be the location within WorldSpace Comply that will be used when you upload to or download from WorldSpace Comply (either Analysis or Scripting results). For more information about each, see Analyze and Scripts.

    The display of the Settings panel after a project has been selected (populates the Current Project field and displays the Download Issues and Scope sub-panes

Related Procedures:

Custom Rulesets: After signing in to Comply and selecting a project, any custom rulesets associated with that project are automatically loaded into the Rules panel and made available for selection. For related information, see Custom Rules.

Project Selection from the Rules Panel: The ability to sign in to Comply, select a project, reload a project, and/or change a project is also conveniently available from the Rules panel in the WorldSpace Attest browser extension via handy links appearing at the top, right of the right pane. For more information, see Selecting a Project, Reloading a Project, and/or Changing a Project, as desired.

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