Stepping Forward

Stepping forward in a script is done whenever you want to advance a stopped (or paused) script to the next event step. This is done by clicking the Step forward button on the left controls pane of the Scripts panel in Attest.

To step forward in a script:

  1. In the left controls pane of the Scripts panel, with a previously-recorded script loaded, played, then either paused or stopped at a particular event step (as noted by the row with the shaded background in the event table at right), click the Step forward button.
  2. Clicking the Step Forward button on the Scripts panel with a loaded, paused script displayed in the Event table

    The script advances forward to the next event in the table, and that event row becomes shaded with a blue background to serve as an indicator of the current step. Note that if the script had been paused, the Resume button is replaced with a Pause button as opposed to a Stop button after clicking Step Forward. Additionally, note that the change to the rendered page above DevTools displays the next event (for example, navigating from the Index page to the Cart page of the Gefalscht CompuTech site).

    Example of the test site advancing to the next event to correspond with the next row in the event table being highlighted
  3. Click the Resume (or Play) button, and the script will begin to play from the 'advanced to' shaded event row.

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