Selecting Event Recording Options

The Settings panel displays an Event Recording Options section below the FireEyes Standard options section. It contains three checkbox groups - Mouse, Keyboard and Other. Each group offers checkboxes that you can select or deselect to control the types of events that will be recorded or skipped when using the tools on the Scripting panel.

Focus & Keydown Notes:

Since the vast majority of scripts that get recorded are for bypassing authentication, you may want to ensure Focus and Keydown events are not selected. Focus is useful for replay purposes when an element is made visible on focus and then becomes hidden when focus is removed. Keydown is required only to exercise custom keyboard event handlers, which are otherwise picked up by click or change events.

To select an event recording option:

  1. Open Attest and then click on the Scripts panel from the main menu.
  2. At the top, right of the content pane, click the Options link.
  3. The Scripts panel is displayed, showing the Script Recording Options section in the right pane, with a group of checkboxes labeled Events to Capture. Note: Depending on the size of your browser window and the docking orientation of your developers tools, you may need to scroll down vertically to see all of the available options.

    Clicking the Options link at the top, right of the Scripts panel
  4. In the Event Recording Options section of the right pane, click within a checkbox to the left of the desired option to select it (for example, Scroll).
  5. A checkmark appearing within the checkbox indicates the option is selected and that any scripts you record on the Scripting panel will record events of this type.

    Default pre-selected options:

    The checkbox event recording options that are initially selected by default are Load URL, Change, Click, and Scroll.

    To prevent an event type from being recorded in a script, click within the checked box to remove the checkmark and deselect the option.

  6. Click the SAVE button to save changes.
  7. Example of a checkbox option being selected with a checkmark indicator within the box

    Your changes will be reflected the next time a script is recorded.

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