Recording a Script

Recording a script is done whenever you want to record yourself taking actions on the page under test in a sequential order so that they can be repeated automatically at a later time. Scripts can be particularly useful when applied to scans in WorldSpace Comply (for example, login scripts to establish secure sessions for page access, dynamic content scripts to expose hidden form menus and widgets, or for activating hidden steps in multi-step processes).

Note: You can control which types of events are recorded by selecting options on the Script Recording Options panel, which is accessed via the Options link on the Scripts panel. For more information, see Selecting Event Recording Options.

Before you begin: Ensure you first have the desired start page loaded in the browser.

To record a script:

  1. On the Scripts panel, click the Start Recording button located under the WorldSpace Attest logo.
  2. Clicking Start Recording button on Scripts panel
  3. Start performing actions on the page under test as desired, in the desired order (for example, by clicking the Desktops page link on the main horizontal menu).
  4. Example of performing actions on the page under test such as clicking on the Desktops page link on the main menu in Gefalscht CompuTech site

    You will notice that as you interact with the site, a table appears in the main content pane of the Scripts panel and rows begin to appear with each column populated with values for each event (for example, in the Event column a 'loadURL' event with the URL column as '').

  5. When you have finished performing all desired actions, click the Stop Recording button (which has replaced the Start Recording button).
  6. Note:

    You must stop the recording at some point in order to have a recorded script. This activates the previously greyed-out Upload link above the event table. Additionally, this causes the Stop Recording button to change back to Start Recording again, and a Play button to appear under it.

    Clicking Stop Recording button on Scripts panel

    The recording stops immediately, and every action you took now appears as an event row in the Scripts panel table in the right content pane, with each column populated with values, when applicable. Note: Not every event will record content values in every column cell, so some (for example, the Details column for the 'focus' event type) may be blank. Additionally, this enables the Edit and Delete options in the Actions column menus.

    The Scripts panel table displays event rows with populated columns of information in the content pane, including Actions column menus with Edit and Delete options

    Now that you have recorded a script, you can play it, upload it, edit the timing of events within the script, delete an event within the script, or clear the script. For more information, see: