Playing a Script

Playing a script is done whenever you want to command the browser to automatically perform previously-recorded sequential, timed user actions on the page under test. This may also be referred to as "running" a script.

To play a script:

  1. Enter the URL of the web page the script starts on in the browser Address field, then press the [Enter] key on your keyboard to load the page under test in the browser.
  2. Open Attest in DevTools and navigate to the Scripts panel using the main menu to the right of the Attest logo. For more information about opening the Attest tool, see Opening the Attest Extension.
  3. Do one of the following to load an existing script into the Scripts content pane table:
  4. Click the Play button on the Scripting toolbar.
  5. Loading the page under test into the browser, loading a script in the Scripts panel, then clicking the Play button

    As you view the page under test, you can observe the automated script performing each recorded event (for example, selecting the Desktops page link from the main horizontal menu bar, and the selected page loading so that its content is displayed).

    Clicking the Play button on Scripting tab toolbar


    The Resume button becomes a Pause button after the Play button has been clicked and before the script has finished playing.

    Optionally, you may do either of the following before the script is finished playing:

    If you do not choose to Stop or Pause the script, you can continue to observe the events until all have been completed, at which time the script control buttons return to their original state.

    Example of the state of the left pane and its buttons after the script play has completed.

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