Editing a Script Event

Editing a script event is done whenever you want to modify any of the fields of information associated with the event that were recorded as a part of a script (for example, the Timing, which would be the number of milliseconds required for a particular event to complete so that it takes more or less time than when originally recorded when it is subsequently played again). Additionally, the target (XPath) of an event may be edited.

XPath Reference: For more information about XPath expressions, refer to W3 XML Path Language (XPath) 3.1.

To edit a script event:

  1. With a script currently displayed in the content pane event table of the Scripts panel, click the context menu button in the Actions column within the desired event row, then select the Edit link item from that menu.
  2. Clicking the Edit button in the Actions column for the event row you want to change the timing of

    The Edit Script Step pane replaces the event table in the right content pane of the Scripts panel, displaying editable fields of information associated with the event script step. Depending on the type of event you selected, the editable fields of information will differ.

  3. In the desired field(s), change the existing content value(s) as desired (for example, for a LoadURL type of event, in the Event Timing field, modify the existing amount of milliseconds by either increasing the numeric value to add time to complete or decrease the value to reduce the amount of time necessary to complete the event).
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the editable fields and click the SAVE button.
  5. Chaning the Timing field value, then clicking the Save button

    The Edit Script Step pane is replaced by the event table, and if the value you changed is one of the events displayed as a column within the table, it will reflect the new value (for example, the Timing column value is changed accordingly to the number you specified).

    example of the Timing field becomes read-only again and reflects the changed value

    You are now able to re-run (play) the script and the change you made will be reflected accordingly for the event step.

    The fields of information that are editable on the Edit Script Step pane of the Scripts panel will differ depending on the type of script event selected, as will the number of editable fields.

    Timing field becomes read-only again and reflects the changed value

A logical next step after you've edited an event step in a script would be to upload it to replace the old script in Comply. For complete details, see Uploading a Script.

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