Downloading a Script

Downloading a script is done whenever you want to select an existing script from a project in WorldSpace Comply to make it available for playing in the Scripting tab of the WorldSpace Attest browser extension.

Before you begin, it is important to remember to clear any currently loaded and displayed scripts from the Scripting tab prior to downloading one. For more information, see Clearing a Script. Additionally, you must be logged in to WorldSpace Comply. For more information, see Settings. It is also important to note that the Chrome browser must not be using "incognito" mode, otherwise script downloading from Comply is not possible.

To download a script:

  1. At the top, right of the Scripts panel content pane, click Download link.
  2. Clicking the Download button on the Scripting tab toolbar

    Comply Sign-In and Project Selection Prompt Notes:

    If you have not already signed in to WorldSpace Comply and selected a project, you will be prompted to do so. The list of available projects corresponds to those marked as Favorite in WorldSpace Comply. For more information, see The Concept of "Favorite" Projects in the WorldSpace Comply User Guide.

  3. In the Select a script drop-down menu, click the down arrow, then click on a script in the list to select it.
  4. The Select a script menu closes and your selection is displayed within the field box.

  5. Click the DOWNLOAD SCRIPT button.
  6. Selecting a script from the drop-down menu, then clicking the DOWNLOAD SCRIPT button

    The event table in the Scripts panel content pane at right displays populated rows for each event in the downloaded script.

    Clicking the List Scripts button under the Project menu

You can now play the script, or edit it as desired. For more information, see Playing a Script.

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