Clearing a Script

Clear a script when you want to clear the event table in the right content pane of the Scripts panel to remove all of the event data rows. Presumably, you might do this when the currently-displayed script is no longer necessary, or when you want to either record or download a different script.

Caution: If you have not previously uploaded the script to WorldSpace Comply, the script cannot be used again after clearing, and will need to be re-recorded. For instructions about how to upload a script, see Uploading a Script.

To clear a script:

  • With a script currently loaded and displayed in the main content pane event table, click the Clear button on the left controls pane.
  • Clicking the Clear button on the Scripting tab toolbar

    The Scripts panel content pane table is refreshed to display only the column headings, but no content rows, indicating the script has been cleared.

    The blank Scripting tab content pane table after the script has been cleared

At this point you can either start recording a new script, or download a script from Comply.

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