Using Experimental Rules

Just under the Tag Settings section on the left sidebar menu pane of the Rules panel is a checkbox labeled 'Use experimental rules'. When checked, it enables Deque's experimental accessibility rules in the analysis engine. This means that when you analyze a page on the Analyze panel, violations of Deque's experimental rules will appear in the analysis results.


Unlike all other automated rules in the WorldSpace Attest browser extension engine, experimental rules could possibly be subject to false positives, so they are not enabled by default. Since accessibility standards lag behind evolving and emerging web technologies, Deque Labs is constantly working to stay ahead of the curve. The number of rules this setting enables may vary by product version. Deque's experimental rules are not necessarily considered best practices, nor are they formally associated with a particular official standard, but may potentially become so in the future upon "graduation" to non-experimental rules that are a part of a standard ruleset.

To enable experimental rules:

  1. Click on the Rules option in the main drop-down menu.
  2. In the left pane under the Tag Settings section, check the Use experimental rules box.
  3. Clicking the Rules panel main menu item, then checking the Include Experimental Rules checkbox under the Tag Settings left sidebar menu section at left

    Note: To exclude experimental rules, simply click within the checked box to clear the mark and deselect the setting.

  4. Proceed with performing an analysis. For more information, see Analyzing a Page for Accessibility Rule Violations.