Testing Against Best Practices

Enabling the testing of pages against best practice rules simply includes Best Practices rules along with the selected standard. This is accomplished via a simple checkbox in the Tag Settings section of the left pane of the Rules panel.

Deque best practices are time-tested techniques that effectively deliver desired accessibility outcomes when specific formal methods either do not exist, or are insufficient. Although not formally a part of any established accessibility ruleset, conformance with Deque best practices can contribute to the accessibility and overall quality of the page under test. Violations of Deque's best practice rules are NOT considered failures. More importantly, they must be taken into consideration with expert judgement on appropriateness for the goals of the application, site or page. Sometimes the best practice accessibility technique isn't applicable or practical for the specific issue being resolved.

To enable best practice rules:

  1. Select the Rules panel from the main menu.
  2. In the Tag Settings section of the left sidebar menu, select the Test best practices checkbox.
  3. checking the Test best practices checkbox in the Tag Settings section of the left pane of the Rules panel

End of procedure. The tag setting becomes active immediately, however, you will need to analyze again to view best practice rule violation results. For more information, see Analyzing Now.