Selecting a Rule Set

The two panes of the Rules panel provide you with checkbox options and a button that you can use when you want to change the ruleset used on the Analyze panel. These preset rules configurations allow you to only run checks for violations of accessibility rules you care about for your role within your organization to meet your unique requirements. Flexibility is unlimited when you consider it is also possible for you to create your own set of custom rules to analyze pages against.

Refer to the Rules overview topic for a detailed description of each rule set option in the left pane, and the Custom Rules topic as desired to be sure you are aware of the impact each option has prior to making a decision.

aXe-core versioning synchronization across WorldSpace products: All WorldSpace Attest API integrations can be configured to run a particular version of aXe-core, and since they are designed to run without a network connection, you must manually ensure you have a local copy of the desired version. All versions are always available for download from the Deque Agora repository (for example, the path for v.2.6 would be assure-virtual/axe-core/-/axe-core-2.6.0.tgz). The WorldSpace Attest extension displays the current version in use on the Rules panel, where you can select from available rulesets. When using Attest with WorldSpace Comply, System Administrators can ensure Comply is using the same version by ensuring the desired version(s) are made available for selection by organizations and projects. For more information, see Changing the Attest Version(s) Support in the WorldSpace Comply 6.0 User Guide.

To select a rule set:

  1. In the left pane of the Rules panel, click anywhere on the name of the desired rule set checkbox option (for example, Section 508).
  2. The rule set option you selected has its "row" highlighted in the left pane, but its checkbox remains unchecked.

  3. In the right Ruleset pane, click the USE THIS RULESET button.
  4. Clicking a left pane checkbox option to highlight it (not check it yet), then click the USE THIS RULESET button in right pane

Tip: After the button in the right pane has been clicked, the option in the left pane becomes checked to indicate it is the selected set of rules.

After the button in right pane has been clicked, the option in the left pane becomes checked to indicate it is the selected set of rules

For information about how to start using this preset rules configuration setting, see Analyzing a Page for Accessibility Rule Violations.

WorldSpace Comply System Administrator Note:

The configuration of your instance of WorldSpace Comply dictates the default standard option that is selected automatically after logging in to WorldSpace Comply. One standard setting at a time is permitted to be used as the default value of the standardToUseByFireEyesII configuration parameter (which is present in the file in WorldSpace Comply. Consult your System Administrator for more details. This has no effect on the issues download from or upload to WorldSpace Comply.