Selecting a Project

Perform this procedure whenever you are currently signed in to WorldSpace Comply, you are currently displaying the Rules panel of the WorldSpace Attest browser extension, and you want to select a Comply project for the purpose of being able to upload & download issues, scripts and scope definitions to and from Comply as you use the Attest extension.

You will not see the Select Project link on the Rules panel unless you are first signed in to WorldSpace Comply (which can either be done from the Rules or Settings panels). For more information, see Signing in to Comply (Rules panel).

To select a project:

  1. At the top, right of the right panel of the Rules panel, click the Select Project link (which is preceded by a crooked arrow icon pointing upward and to the right).
  2. Clicking the Select Project link on the Rules panel

    The 'Select a project' section appears in the right pane, displaying a drop-down menu, refresh button, and action buttons for select or cancel.

  3. Click the down arrow button to display the drop-down menu list of your favorite projects.
  4. Click on the desired project name from the list to highlight it and populate the field.
  5. The drop-down list menu closes and the list item you selected appears within the 'Select a project' field box.

  6. Click the SELECT PROJECT button.
  7. Clicking this, tapping that...

    The Rules panel is refreshed to display the Reload project and Change project links at the top, right in place of the Select Project link.

    The Rules panel after a project has been selected, showing the Reload and Change project links at top, right

End of procedure. Now that you have selected a project, you can continue with tasks on the Analyze or Scripts panels, as desired.

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