Reloading a Project

Follow this procedure any time you want to be sure you have the latest data for a selected project. Reloading is done when there either have been or could have possibly been changes made to the issues, scripts, or scope definitions associated with the currently-selected WorldSpace Comply project. This subsequently allows for updated synchronization with the Attest extension.

Before you begin, you must first sign in to Comply and select a project in order to be able to view and use the Reload link on the Rules panel. For more information, see Selecting a Project (Rules panel).

To reload (refresh) a project:

  1. At the top, right of the right pane of the Rules panel, click the Reload project link (with the reload arrows symbol in front of it).
  2. Clicking the Reload project link at the top, right of the Rules panel

    The panel is refreshed to display a spinning icon with text under it that reads, 'Loading, please wait...' which will then be replaced with the original state of the panel before clicking the link.

    The Loading, please wait...message displayed with a spinning circle of dots

    When the message disappears and the panel is returned to the state it was in before you clicked the link, the project is reloaded with the latest issue and script information, which may then be downloaded as desired.

  3. Proceed with your planned tasks on the Analyze or Scripts panels, as desired.

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