Removing a Custom Ruleset

Removing a Custom Rule set from the Rules panel is done when you no longer have a need for a set of custom rules. To do so, simply select it on the Rules panel, then click a button to delete it.

If you might want to re-use some of the content in a future custom rule set, you may want to be sure you save the content from the JSON file prior to deletion, as this procedure results in a permanent, irreversible removal.

To remove a custom rule set:

  1. At the bottom of the options list in the Custom rulesets section in the left pane of the Rules panel, ensure the set you want to remove is checked (selected).
  2. Click the DELETE RULESET button at the lower, left of the right Ruleset pane.
  3. Clicking OK button to confirm deletion of the custom ruleset on the popup window prompt

    The set is removed from the left pane menu and is no longer available for selection.

    After removal action, the refreshed Rules left sidebar menu no longer displays the custom ruleset as an available option

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