Analyzing a Page for Custom Rule Violations

Analyzing a page for violations of your custom rules is done by first selecting the custom rule standard, then running an analysis on the page you want to test.

Before you begin: You must first successfully submit custom rules into the Attest extension in order to make them available for selection. For complete details, see Submitting Custom Rules.

To analyze a page against custom rules:

  1. Open your browser, and then load the page you want to test for custom rule violations.
  2. Ensure the desired custom ruleset is selected for use (Active) on the left pane of the Rules panel. For more information, see Selecting a Rule Set.
  3. Select the Analyze option from the main drop-down menu to display that panel.
  4. Alternately, on the Rules panel, after selecting the desired custom rules set, you can click the Analyze now link.

    Clicking the Analyze now link on the Rules panel
  5. On the Analyze panel, click the Analyze button. For more information, see Analyzing a Page for Accessibility Rule Violations.
  6. Clicking the Analyze button on the Analyze panel after selecting a custom ruleset

Violations of the custom rule(s) display just as you would expect with standard rules. Click on a rule in the left pane to view the content of the first violation in the right pane.

An example of the analysis results displaying a violation of a custom rule

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After producing custom rule violations as a result of your analysis, you can:

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