Analyzing Now

After making a different set of rules active, you are able to analyze the loaded page again against that newly-selected ruleset by clicking a link in the right pane of the Rules panel. This will potentially produce different results after changing the standard and optionally, the tag settings. The Analyze now link is provided in this location as a matter of convenience so that you can quickly run an analysis after activating a new set of automated rules by initiating it from the same page where you made the ruleset selection.

To analyze now:

  1. In your browser, load the page to be tested, launch WorldSpace Attest DevTools, select the Analyze panel from the main menu, then click the Analyze button to view the analysis results. For complete instructions, see Analyzing a Page for Accessibility Rule Violations.
  2. On the left sidebar menu of the Rules panel, make a different ruleset active by selecting it from the Available Rulesets list. For complete instructions, see Selecting a Rule Set.
  3. On the right pane of the Rules panel, to the right of the 'Ruleset is set' display, click the Analyze now link.
  4. clicking the Analyze now link on the right pane of the Rules panel after changing the ruleset

End of procedure. You are taken (returned) to the Analyze panel and the new rule violation results are displayed. For complete details about working with analysis results, see the Analyze topic.