Rules Panel

Access: The Rules panel is accessed via the Rules link item in the Attest extension "main menu" to the right of the WorldSpace Attest logo.

Clicking the Rules link item in the main Attest drop-down menu

Overview: Once accessed, the Rules panel is used to select a preconfigured, automated rule set to be analyzed against when a page is tested using the Analyze panel. This essentially controls which automated rules run as a part of an accessibility analysis in the Attest extension.

The left (selection/addition) and right (description/activation) panes circled on the Rules panel

Options: The Attest extension comes with the following three rule set options, the first two of which are associated with established accessibility guidelines:

  • WCAG 2.0 AA: This set of rules is build for testing the Web Content Guidelines, version 2.0 at level A + AA. Only parts of WCAG can be fully automated, so be aware that after passing all the rules in this ruleset, additional testing is required.
  • Section 508: This set of rules is build for testing web pages against the published Section 508 standard. Only parts of Section 508 can be fully automated, so be aware that after passing all the rules in this ruleset, additional testing is required.
  • Dev-min: This set of rules will test basic HTML accessibility and is designed to run fast. It picks up incorrectly nested elements, as well as missing alternatives on graphics. Any template should pass this ruleset.

Default Rules: By default, the Attest extension is initially set to analyze against the first rule set option, WCAG 2.0 AA until you select a different Ruleset checkbox option on the left pane of the Rules panel.

Custom Rulesets: The Attest extension also offers the ability to use sets of Custom Rules. For complete details on the Attest extension's support for Custom Rule Sets and how to both configure and select them for analysis use, see the Custom Rules topic within this guide.

Changing the Rule Set: After a different rule set option is selected in the left selection pane, the right Ruleset description pane displays a USE THIS RULESET button. After being clicked, the newly selected rule set is displayed with a checkmark in front of it in the left selection pane, and the checkboxes to the left of the other rule set options are deselected. For complete details, see Selecting a Rule Set.

For related information, see the Signing In to WorldSpace Comply and Selecting a Project topics in the Settings portion of this guide.

aXe-core versioning synchronization: All WorldSpace Attest API integrations can be configured to run a particular version of aXe-core, and since they are designed to run without a network connection, you must manually ensure you have a local copy of the desired version. All versions are always available for download from the Deque Agora repository (for example, the path for v.2.6 would be assure-virtual/axe-core/-/axe-core-2.6.0.tgz). The WorldSpace Attest extension displays the current version in use on the Rules panel, where you can select from available rulesets. When using Attest with WorldSpace Comply, System Administrators can ensure Comply is using the same version by ensuring the desired version(s) are made available for selection by organizations and projects. For more information, see Changing the Attest Version(s) Support in the WorldSpace Comply 6.0 User Guide.