Uploading Analysis Results

When you have completed an automated accessibility analysis on the Analyze panel and want to upload the rule violation results as issues to into a WorldSpace Comply project, you can use the Upload link in the Analyze panel context menu.

Before you begin, you must first be on the Analyze panel of the Attest extension, you must complete and currently be viewing the results of an analysis of a loaded page, and you must be signed in to WorldSpace Comply. For more information on each, see Analyzing a Page for Accessibility Rule Violations, and Signing In to WorldSpace Comply.

To upload issues to a WorldSpace Comply project:

  1. In the Analyze panel context menu, click the Upload link item.
  2. Clicking the Upload link from the Analyze ellipses (context) menu

    The Upload Issues to Comply pane appears at right, displaying a Current Project field, a Select a project drop-down list menu field, and an UPLOAD button.

  3. To the right of the Select a project field, click the down arrow.
  4. The Project menu expands downward (or upward) to reveal a list of projects that you have access to from which to select. Note: The list of available projects corresponds to those marked as Favorite in WorldSpace Comply. For more information, see The Concept of "Favorite" Projects in the WorldSpace Comply User Guide.

  5. Hover your mouse over the desired project to highlight it, then click on the project item in the list to select it.
  6. The selected project displayed in the closed drop-down menu field after clicking the down arrow and selecting an item in the list

    Your selection appears within the Project field to indicate your selection.

  7. Click the SELECT PROJECT button.
  8. Clicking the SELECT PROJECT button with the Project field populated with your selection

    A Label field replaces the Select a project field, and is prepopulated with the current date by default. Note: This field is editable.

  9. Modify the default date text in the Label field, as desired.
  10. Click the UPLOAD button.
  11. Clicking the UPLOAD button after optionally modifying the Label field

    You are returned to the Analyze panel.

    The rule violations are uploaded and imported into WorldSpace Comply as issues, which you can view and take further action on by navigating to the Issues tab and selecting the project in the Issues for field you specified to upload them to.

    Uploaded issue example in WorldSpace Comply on Issues > Issues for project page

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