Related Node Inspection

When applicable, node inspection for a particular rule violation also includes the ability to click a link from the rule violation result (right pane of Analyze panel) to inspect a Related node in addition to the standard or main Inspect Node link displayed just under the display of the rule name.

To inspect a related node:

  1. Just under the 'Fix the following' section of the right pane of the Analyze panel displaying a violation of a rule, in the Related node section, click the </> Inspect link.
  2. clicking the Inspect link in the Related node section of the right pane of a rule violation on the Analyze panel

    The Elements tab of DevTools displays the source code of the related node, with the applicable selector and related Styles pane information highlighted and displayed accordingly.

    example of the Elements tab displaying the source code of the related node
  3. Inspect and edit the page and style information as desired.
  4. For more information about how to use the Elements panel in Chrome DevTools, see Inspect and Edit Pages and Styles in the Chrome DevTools Developer Guide.

  5. Navigate back to the WorldSpace tab to continue using the Attest extension as desired.
  6. Note: Clicking WorldSpace on the DevTools toolbar will display the Analyze tab with the same rule violation that was displayed when the Related node Inspect link was clicked.

Related Information: For detailed information about the various things you can do with the inspection-related developer tools, see Inspector Tool Components in the parent topic.

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