Getting More Rule and Remediation Information

The Learn more links displayed in the content pane of the Analyze panel take you to Deque University - where you can learn more about the rule, why it is important, the associated guidelines, remediation advice, and references to related information. This is your way of entry into Deque's deep encyclopedia (knowledge base) of accessibility problems and fixes.

Prior Activity: You must first analyze a loaded page on the Analyze panel and click a violated rule from the left pane in order to view the More info link on the right rule violation content pane. For complete instructions, see Analyzing a Page for Accessibility Rule Violations.

To get more information about a rule (and remediation advice):

  1. Click the Learn more link to the right of the issue description on the analysis result rule violation content pane at right.
  2. Clicking the (More Info) link from right Rule violation content pane of the Analyze panel

    The Deque University rule help appears in a new browser window (when logged in with your Deque U account, you will see the premium, enhanced content, otherwise you'll see the free aXe content).

    Example of a rule help page in Deque University appearing in a new browser window

    The following types of information are displayed in boxes on the page:

    • Rule Description
    • The Algorithm, in Simple Terms
    • Why this is Important
    • How to Fix the Problem
    • Related Deque University Course Pages
    • Other Related Resources
    • Additional Information
      • Related Rules
      • Relevant Technologies
      • Test Reliability
      • Rule ID
    • Compliance Data & User Impact
      • User Impact
      • Disabilities Affected
      • Issue Type
      • WCAG Success Criteria
      • Section 508 Guidelines
  3. Scroll down vertically to be sure you take advantage of all of the content on the page.
  4. Optionally, click the link(s) to the additional, related resources as desired.

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