Downloading Page Issues from WorldSpace Comply

When you have a WorldSpace Comply project in which some of its accessibility issues pertain the specific page of a site that is currently loaded in the browser, you can download them into the blank Analyze panel of the Attest extension.

Before you begin, the Analyze panel must be blank (clear of rule violation results from any previous analysis of the page under test), the desired page must be loaded, you must first be signed in to WorldSpace Comply, and Comply must contain labeled issues for the loaded page in projects you have access to. For more information, see Signing In to WorldSpace Comply. Additionally, the browser must not be in "incognito" or private mode.

To download issues from a WorldSpace Comply project:

  1. In the Analyze context menu, click the Download link item.
  2. Clicking Download link in Analyze context menu

    The Download Issues from Comply pane appears at the right of the Analyze panel, displaying two drop-down menu fields (Label and Assigned to) with a DOWNLOAD ISSUES button.

  3. In the Download Issues from Comply pane, click the down arrow, then select an item from both the Label and Assigned to drop-down menu lists, as desired.
  4. Each menu expands downward to reveal a list of available issues from which to select that you have access to. Note: The list of available issues corresponds to those associated with Projects marked as Favorite in WorldSpace Comply. For more information, see The Concept of "Favorite" Projects in the WorldSpace Comply User Guide. Hover your mouse over the desired project to highlight it, then click on the item in the list to select it, which closes the menu list and populates the field with your selection.

  5. Click the DOWNLOAD ISSUES button.
  6. Clicking down arrow on Label and Assigned To fields to select menu items, then click DOWNLOAD ISSUES button

    Alternately, you may complete the previous tasks in the Download Issues section of the Settings panel after signing in to Comply:

    Selecting a Label and Assigned To menu items, then clicking the DOWNLOAD ISSUES button from the Settings panel after signing in to Comply

    When no results are found, a red notification appears above the DOWNLOAD ISSUES button.

    message reads, 'Unable to find matching results'

    The issues are downloaded and imported into the Analyze panel of Attest, with the section in the lower, left pane displaying the rules and number of violations for each, and the right content pane displaying the details of the first single violation of the first selected rule. Additionally, the total number of issues for all rules pertaining to the loaded page are displayed above the rule table, along with a total count of those in need of manual review. Note: These may include custom rules that are not a part of the standard Attest rule sets.

    Clicking the Download button after project selection

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