Updating the Attest Extension

The WorldSpace Attest extension update process is no different than updating any other extension in the Chrome browser. Simply navigate to the Chrome Extensions page, then click a button which will automatically update all installed extensions.


To update your WorldSpace Attest extension to the latest version:

  1. Type chrome://extensions into the address field of the Chrome browser.
  2. The Chrome Extensions page appears.

  3. In the horizontal button bar under the Extensions heading, click the Update extensions now button at right.
  4. location of the Update extensions now button on the Chrome Extensions page

    Within the Extensions listing, to the right of the WorldSpace Attest Devtools heading, you will see the version number displayed (for example, 1.1).

    example of the new version number after updating from 1.0 to 1.1

Related Information:

Since we recommend you work directly with Deque personnel (Support Desk, Engagement Managers) to install the WorldSpace Attest extension in your browser(s) for you, we also recommend you work with those same individuals at your organization for upgrading to the latest approved version. For similar information, see Downloading, Installing and Configuring the Attest Extension.


Future Release Only:

At the time of the publishing of this guide, the Attest extension for the Firefox browser has NOT yet been released, therefore the instructions that follow are meant to serve as placeholder content for a future release, coming soon!

Updating Attest is an automatic process in which you will be notified via the Firefox browser that the extension is out of date, then be prompted to udpate it. It is a quick, simple process in which you will click buttons to agree to download the update, then install the add-on.

Automatic Updates Setting Note: In order to receive the prompt to update the version of WorldSpace Attest, you must first ensure the Automatic Updates setting on the about:addons page is set to either the Default or On option.

To update WorldSpace Attest to the newest version:

    Upon selection of the WorldSpace tab in Firefox Developer Tools, when it has been detected that the extension is out of date, a popup dialog box will appear that reads, 'The page at resource://worldspace attest says: Your extension is out of date and needs to be updated in order to work with the server. Do you want to download the updated extension now?' along with an OK and a Cancel button.

  1. On the extension update popup prompt, click the OK button.
  2. The dialog box closes, and at the top, left of the browser, an Add-on message appears notifying you that the new add-on for WorldSpace Attest can be installed, along with an Install button.

  3. On the Add-ons prompt that reads 'This site would like to install an add-on-in Firefox:', click the Install button.
  4. A progress meter may briefly display, and then a green puzzle piece icon with checkmark message will appear at the top, left that reads 'WorldSpace Attest has been installed successfully.'

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