Opening the Attest Extension

After installing the Attest extension, it becomes an extension that is bundled together with the existing web authoring and debugging tool set within your browser.

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In Chrome

You can access the Attest extension and its various panels in the same manner you would any of the Developer Tools (DevTools) that come with the Chrome browser from Google.

WorldSpace Attest becomes a selectable panel tab within Chrome DevTools. Note: You can drag the Attest panel tab to any position on the toolbar.

To open Attest in Chrome DevTools:

  1. Select More Tools > Developer Tools from the Chrome Menu.
  2. Selecting More Tools > Developer Tools from the Chrome menu


    Right-click on a page element and select Inspect.

    Selecting Inspect from the Right-click popup menu


    Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) or Cmd+Opt+I (Mac).

  3. Click on the WorldSpace panel tab on the DevTools toolbar.
  4. Clicking the WorldSpace tab in Chrome DevTools

End of procedure. The WorldSpace Attest browser extension opens within DevTools, and by default initially displays the Analyze subpanel.

Complete Chrome DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts Reference: For an extensive listing of all of the available keyboard shortcuts both for accessing Chrome DevTools and for within Chrome DevTools (global, and panel-specific), see Keyboard Shortcuts Reference - Chrome DevTools.

Undocking to a separate window

To change the placement of the DevTools window:

  1. Open the Main Menu (or the Command Menu).
  2. Select Undock into separate window (or Dock to left, bottom or right, if desired).
  3. For a keyboard shortcut to restore the last position, press and hold Command (Ctrl in Windows) + Shift + d to control placement of DevTools relative to the page.

    Selecting the 'Undock into separate window' button in Chrome DevTools

This allows AT users to more easily swap back and forth between the page under test and the DevTools panel.

In Firefox

1.3 for v.#57 Release Only:

The Attest-Firefox extension for the Firefox v57 browser has a different release version numbering than the Chrome version, the first of which is WorldSpace Attest DevTools v.1.3.0 in early December 2017, even though the current Chrome version at this time is 1.2!

As an example, you can open the Inspector (one of the Developer Tools that launches all of them) in either of the following ways:

  • Without an element selected: Choose the Inspector option from the Developer menu (Ctrl+Shift+I), or from the Firefox Menu Bar, select Tools > Web Developer > Inspector (Ctrl+Shift+C).

    Generally, the Cmd key can be substituted for Ctrl on an OSX or iOS device. For more information about using keyboard shortcuts with Firefox Developer Tools, see Mozilla Developer Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • With an element selected: Right-click an element on a web page and select Inspect Element (Q).

By default, the Developer Tools will display "docked" at the bottom of the browser window.

To open WorldSpace Attest:

  1. Launch your Firefox browser and load any web page.
  2. Within the content area of the page, right-click your mouse, then select Inspect Element from the popup menu.
  3. Alternate Methods Notes:

    The easiest way for keyboard or screen reader users to open the FireEyes II extension from Firefox is to go to the Tools menu by pressing Alt+T, then arrow until you hear Web Developer, then either press Enter or right arrow, then arrow down until you hear FireEyes II, usually located near the top of the Web Developer menu. With focus on FireEyes II, press the Enter key to open it. Depending on your browser and its settings, any method that will launch the browser's Developer Tools will display the FireEyes II tab. In Firefox, for example, you can select the Inspector by selecting Web Developer > Inspector from the Tools menu, or you can press and hold Cmd+Shift+K (Mac) or [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[K] (Windows).

    The Developer Tools pane appears, typically at the bottom or right side of the browser window.

  4. In the top horizontal row of the Developer Tools pane, click the WorldSpace tab. Note: On a keyboard, press and hold Cmd+] on a Mac, or Ctrl+] on Windows to cycle through tools from left to right until you reach the WorldSpace Attest tool on the toolbox bar.
  5. The WorldSpace tab is displayed in the foreground of the Developer Tools window.

    location of the WorldSpace tab in the Firefox Devtools toolbar and the default Attest Analyze panel displayed

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