Perform Specialized Analyses

The special analysis buttons perform a number of specialized tests on a webpage: color contrast, reading order analysis, ARIA analysis and focus indicator analysis.

The special analysis option buttons on the FireEyes Current Document tab

Special Analysis Options

Color Contrast Analysis

Color contrast analysis performs a detailed color contrast analysis of the page using the WCAG 2 algorithm for color contrast.

Reading Order Analysis

Reading order analysis performs a detailed reading order analysis of the page to determine whether reading order issues exist that violate the WCAG 2 1.3.2 Success Criteria, or that violate the Section 508 reading order rule for reading order without CSS.

ARIA Analysis

ARIA analysis detects focus issues, missing or misused ARIA attributes, and content insertions that are not announced correctly to the assistive technology. It does not tell you how or where to use ARIA if it isn't being used; instead, it acts like an "ARIA validator" for existing ARIA code.

Focus Indicator Analysis

(available for Firefox on Mac OS X only) Focus indicator analysis automatically detects missing visual keyboard focus indicators.

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