The Interface

The FireEyes interface consists of the FireEyes toolbar and five FireEyes tabs. This page provides a brief overview of the toolbar and the tabs, each of which is described in greater detail elsewhere in this guide.

The FireEyes Toolbar

When FireEyes has been installed it appears as a new tab in the Firebug interface.

On the right side of the FireEyes toolbar, you can view your WorldSpace login status, and the WorldSpace Project you are currently working in. You can set up multiple Projects in WorldSpace. Next to the Project name, the word "OK" will appear if FireEyes detects that your browser is on the website domain the WorldSpace Project is set up to analyze.

  • The Switch button provides a dropdown menu that allows you to switch between projects.
  • The Download button allows you to download issues or scripts from a WorldSpace Project.
  • The Upload button allows you to upload issues or scripts to a WorldSpace Project.

FireEyes interface showing login status, current project, and the switch, download and upload buttons.

FireEyes Tabs

Below you will find brief descriptions of the following FireEyes tabs:

Current Document Tab

The Current Document tab lets you analyze and work with issues related to the current page (as defined by the URL that is displayed in the location bar of the browser), utilize previously defined page scope definitions, and record scripts.

FireEyes Current Document tab

Report Tab

The Report tab shows a list of all of the issues found during the present session or downloaded from the WorldSpace server in a single, drillable report, and lets you work with those issues.

FireEyes Report tab

Script Tab

The Script tab shows all the events recorded during the current script recording session, allows you to record scripts, playback those scripts, and analyze scripts while they are being played back.

FireEyes Script tab

SimulAT Tab

The SimulAT tab simulates how the page in view would respond to assistive technologies, or how assistive technologies would render the page to the assistive technology user.

FireEyes SimulAT tab

Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to log in to the WorldSpace sync server and manipulate certain configuration settings for the specific project open.

FireEyes Settings tab